Our Story

Once upon a time there were two fun-loving teenagers named Timothy and Suzette.  They met in the youth group when Suzette’s family started coming to Timothy’s church.  Although neither of them had an interest in each other, they became like brother and sister.  Many a snowball, as well as a teasing comment, was thrown between the two of them.  Suzette was friends with everyone in the youth group and knew they were all great people, but one stood out.  Timothy was special. Wanting the best for him, she began to pray every day that Timothy would marry the right girl.

After high school graduation Suzette asked Timothy where he was going to college.  He had been asked this a million times, and once again replied that he wasn’t sure, then expected yet another college recommendation.  Instead, Suzette replied that it was okay, and that he should wait on God.  They began encouraging each other; both were ecstatic that the other would count them as a friend.

Over time they became best friends.  God had given them a precious gift in each other, for which they were very thankful, but no one could have predicted what happened next.  Timothy expressed his interest in Suzette, which was the biggest surprise of her life!  Could this really be happening?  Both of them discussed it with their parents, and both families happily approved.  They began seeing each other in late summer of 2007.

Soon after they began visiting each other, Suzette revealed to everyone that she had been praying for five years that Timothy would find the right girl.  She had no idea that girl would be her.