Inspiration Board

Here is a compilation of various inspiring pieces we’re trying to incorporate into the wedding. It helps us to see what look we’re going for and keeps us on track.

Southern Touches

While the decorations and theme of the wedding will say “Vintage,” it will simultaneously whisper “Southern.” Here are some home-town elements we will use to give the ceremony and reception an authentic Southern appeal.

One look at a magnolia bloom I'm taken back to the smell of citrus, warmth of the sun, and gentle breeze through the trees.


Who doesn't remember these little guys? Ball Jars aren't only a recipe for a major flashback, they're highly versatile!


A scene of flags blowing in the wind is mimicked with these flowing ribbon wands.

Magnolias will be the stars in the bridal bouquet, though we may have use for them elsewhere in the wedding as well. We will use the jars for punch (or lemonade, or whatever we decide to drink). Some people use them for centerpieces or pew decorations, but we think using them for cups will be so much more fun. The ribbon wands will be a unique send-off paired with confetti (because it’s no fun unless you chuck something at the couple!). Instead of the plaid, we’ll use silver ribbon to tie the turquoise ribbon to the stick. Just release the outer ribbon and the wand is ready to wave!

Long Live Vintage!

Something old, something new… check.  The detailed glitz of yesteryear is back in style!  Some details we’ve incorporated include keys, bird cages, and elegant picture frames.  One of my favorite touches is the “Generations Table,” where pictures of our parents and grandparents’ wedding photos will be displayed.  All of them will be in black and white, except for ours, which will be in the middle.  Think of a family tree, only with pictures instead of names.

This is kind-of-sort-of what I mean, only ours will be hanging from a swirly-tree-looking thing!  Okay I’m making no sense right now, but just take my word for it… it’s going to be great!
Moving on… I also wanted to assign tables, and what prettier way to display a number than to frame it?  I’m really enjoying my taste in wedding decorations being in style, because stores everywhere sell stuff that I can use!
These are just a few ideas and images I got online.  There are tons of things you can do with whatever style you like.  Let your creative juices flow!  And if you don’t have any, join Pinterest and let other people be creative for you!



The Color Scheme

Bright turquoise will be the color of the bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties, and various decorations.

Gray is the new black for the men's suits and tuxedos.

Touches of pink will punctuate the ceremony and reception with girly glamour.

Silver will carry the load of much of the decorations and details. You name it -- it will probably have silver on it.

Just in case there was any confusion about what shade of blue I’m incorporating in the wedding, here it is!  And while I was at it, I figured I’d show the rest of the colors.

I’m using gray as an alternative to the traditional black because I don’t want such a “heavy” color for a Southern summer wedding.  Have you ever worn black in mucky 100 degree weather?  It’s brutal!

Silver will probably be the most-used color; bridesmaid shoes, ribbon, jewelry, the cake cutter, decorations, and various personal touches will all be shiny, sparkly silver.

As for the shade of blue, I’ve been hard-pressed to find its proper nomenclature.  I’ve heard aquarius, teal, aqua, sky, sea, and turquoise.  I narrowed the list down to “aqua” and “turquoise” and finally settled on the latter after doing a visual Google search for both colors.  So… turquoise it is!

Turquoise and silver will take center stage, while gray and pink make short guest appearances throughout the day.  As much as I like the feminine color, it will be used sparingly.  My shoes and a few flowers will be the bulk of the blushing hue seen that day.  It’s okay, pink, I still love you!