Rehearsal Pics

Here are a few picture collages from the rehearsal dinner and rehearsal.  Click on each to enlarge:


Reception Video Clips

Here are some reception video clips, with the send off at the end!

Note: Sierra was trying to catch the bouquet for Emmalee, for those who are wondering why she’s out there! ūüôā

Wedding Ceremony Video

Tim and Suzette have many out-of-town friends who wanted to be at the wedding but could not travel across the country to come.  Suzette asked me to post their wedding ceremony video so their friends can see it.  Here it is!

Reception Pics

Here are some reception picture collages!
Click on each to enlarge.



Wedding Pics!

Steve, James and Kelly did a fantastic job on the photography.  There are just so many great pictures.

— Click on an image to enlarge —


A Quick Recap

This summer has been so busy, I’ve had hardly enough time to even think about writing a blog post! So much has happened since I last wrote, so here goes nothing.

First of all, Tim and I graduated from college on May 10th! I’m SO happy to have school behind me for good. One of our church’s missionaries, Bro. Carl Bernard (Quebec) was present to watch a young man from his church graduate. My graduation party included my family, the Bishops, and Bro. Bernard’s posse going to the taco truck! I had taken my family there one other time that week, but for almost everyone else it was a new experience.

Bro. Bernard, Tim, and Suzette

I hit the floor running when we returned home. My mom introduced me to the dozens of wedding projects and we got to work immediately. She had been doing most of the work on her own while I was at college, so I was glad to start helping her. Day after day we continue in our quest of making cupcake collars,¬†bouquets, ribbon wands, and pew decorations. We’ve already had quite a few dress fittings (for me and the bridesmaids), made 300 cupcakes (go Whitney!!),¬†received¬†most of the RSVP cards, assigned jobs to our little elves, and had my bridal shower. I’ve started jogging every morning, cut down on the sugar, and created a THINspirations board on Pinterest.

Whitney probably never wants to see another cupcake again!


Dad working on various painting projects…


Tim’s mom and sister, me, and Becca working on ribbon wands.


Soon to be Mrs. Bishop!!


It was such a pretty day for the bridal shower!

Father’s Day was yesterday and my sister and I got our dad some of the most epic gifts ever. Whitney got him a sign that says, “We don’t call 911” with the silhouette of a gun on it (yes, we’re pro-gun… if guns kill people, spoons made me fat), and I got him a Star Wars t-shirt. He’s already hung the sign up and I can’t wait for him to wear the t-shirt.


Now do you see why I haven’t had time to write? =) It’s been a crazy summer, but I love summer anyway, and this one is especially good because I’m getting married!! I will try to be better about more blog posts, I promise.

Our Love Story Video!


It’s been two months in the making, and now we finally get to share our stop-motion video with everyone!


My Wedding Dress Has Arrived!

Much to the FedEx man’s surprise, he was handing me a wedding gown ordered directly from China! ¬†Yes, there is a fluffy, white dress in that tiny package. ¬†I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah right… show me.” ¬†Well, sorry but we’re traditionalists and aren’t letting the groom (who happens to be an administrator on this blog) see it until I walk down the aisle in it!

Having specific preferences about the sleeves and neckline, I had a hard time finding the perfect dress, both online and in stores. ¬†Actually, “impossible” would be a more accurate expression than “a hard time.” ¬†I had visited every modest bride website known to man, but none of them met the specifications. ¬†I began dreading that I would be forced to buy this dress:

Horrors! ¬†Don’t worry, I didn’t have to “settle” for anything!¬† I picked out an extremely beautiful dress, (which I will not show here because I want Tim to be surprised) Mom did some Photoshop magic to alter the neckline, we sent our request to the lovely seamstresses halfway across the globe, and the perfect wedding dress arrived right at my doorstep!

I call this picture “the blob” and I’m posting it just to prove that it really did fit in there! ¬†I will definitely write another post specifically on how to order your dress directly from China, but just to hold you over I will say that it can be done!¬† It cost a fraction of the price of a designer dress; it came in a timely manner; it’s intricately detailed with lace and bead work you would expect on a dress from the bridal salon; all of our special requests were met; and it only needs minor alterations on the waist and sleeves. ¬†Plus… I got to try it on before heading back to school! ¬†If this experience was any more perfect, we’d all be growing halos and wings.

Trying on dresses in the stores was cool, but putting on MY wedding dress, hand sewn just for me, made me feel like I’m REALLY getting married! ¬†More than ever, I can’t wait to wear it for the big day!

We’re Engaged!


It was the Tuesday after we got home for Summer Break. ¬†Just another day in the life of Tim and Suzette. ¬†…Or was it?

Tim and I went to Maymont Park for a picnic lunch, which I always thought would be fun.  He had already bought subs and chips, and I brought a picnic blanket.  Little did I know, he had visited the park the day before and had picked out just the right spot to pop the question.

When we got to the right place, he asked me to marry him, to which (of course!!) I said yes. ¬†I had been dreaming of this day ever since we started dating, but couldn’t believe it was actually happening!

After I called my mom and texted a few friends to tell them the news we sat down to eat, but all the excitement had taken away our appetites. ¬†Afterwards we came home and I showed everyone my new ring. ¬†It’s perfect!

This picture almost¬†does it justice. ¬†While still at Maymont I sent my friends the text “I’ve got a big rock on my finger!” and Tim sent his friends the message “She said yes!” ¬†Here are a few of the responses I got:

  • “wooooohooooooo! send me a pic! congrats!”
  • “Shut up!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Yay!!! I want pictures!!!! Awwww yay!!!!”
  • “Aw YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! how did he do it? and i want to see a pic of the ring lol”
  • “What?!?! Yay!!!! Congrats girl!!!!”
  • “Oh my word!!!! Congratulatons!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!”
  • “Eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! That’s way sweet! Congrats!!!!”
  • “Omw im so happy what when where how give me details”
  • “The shiny kind?”
  • “Hallelujah! Congratulations!”
  • “How did that get there?”
  • “awesome congratulations its about time”
  • “I want to know all about it and send me a picture”
  • “Congrats Suzie! I knew it would be soon!!!”
  • “Oh congratulations!!!! That’s awesome! You’ve gotta send me a pic! I’m so happy for you Suzette!”
  • “Hooray! Now you can start planning! Woohoo!”
  • “I knew I heard a scream earlier!”

Tim likes to tell people, “I gave her a rock on a rock.” ¬†Here is the exact spot it happened! ¬†What a beautiful place to get engaged. ¬†And what a good job he did keeping it all a big secret! ¬†I was completely taken by surprise; he did a great job.