We’re Still Alive!!

I’m sorry it’s been a year and a half since I last posted, but a lot has been going on! Tim has two jobs, one at Simplex Grinnell (fire safety company) and the other at Home Depot (freight team). I work at Bath & Body Works as a sales associate. We live in a quaint little apartment in Chesterfield. I’m sick today, therefore have extra time to sit down and type this!

There have been some deaths in the family as well, unfortunately. Tim’s granny and both of my dad’s parents have passed away since I last posted. It has been two years since my mom’s dad passed away, and almost eight years since her mom’s passing. It’s our first year with no grandparents, and yes, it feels very weird and not at all right.

We also became Uncle and Auntie with the arrival of Evan Cole Bishop, son of Jacob (Tim’s big brother) and Amanda Bishop. We love him so much and got to meet him once, and officially wish we lived in Georgia so we could see him more!

Please do not ask when we’re going to start having kids… I know it’s kind of a popular conversation piece, but I have no idea so asking won’t help!!

I downloaded this WordPress app so hopefully I will get to post more often! I still haven’t figured out how to post photos through the app though, so wish me luck.

I hope everyone has had a great 2013!

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