So Many Invitations!

I know most engagements don’t come with an instruction manual, but nobody warned me about the thousands of invitations I have to look through!  Mom assured me, however, that she had to do the same thing when she was planning her wedding.  And these binders are huge… not the cute little pink three ring binders I anticipated.

If this adventure lies ahead of you, save yourself some heartache and decide what style you want before you even step into the store.  I settled on the vintage/shabby chic look ahead of time, which kept me from getting emotionally attached to formal, traditional invitations (which were beautiful, but just didn’t go with the theme).  I narrowed my “I like” list down to a few designs and will give myself some time to think about which one is my favorite before making a final decision.

In case anyone in our area is looking for invitations, we went to the Cordial Cricket in Chester.  They had a very nice selection in whatever style, color, and paper you can imagine.  One of my homeschool friends works there, and I enjoyed getting to catch up with her as it’s been years since we’ve seen each other. =)



  1. Sharon Davis says:

    Yeah for the Cordial Cricket!
    PS: Your blog is great and CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND TIM 🙂

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