Richmond Bridal Showcase

So many vendors, so little time!  I put on the provided heart-shaped “bride to be” pin and started collecting business cards, cake samples, and information packets as Mom and I made our way through the Bridal Showcase in Richmond.  I had been to the Greater Richmond Convention Center before, so I kind of knew how many venues, photographers and caterers would be represented there… but when I actually saw it all I was completely overwhelmed!

Aren’t these flowers amazing?  My favorite is the blue shoe with a rose in it (ha ha, go figure).  I like them all, of course.

Just a tip, if you ever go to one of these: don’t eat before you come!  Can somebody say “more caterers than you shake a stick at!”  We got to nibble on some pretty delicious samples, plus cake!  Oh boy… my diet just took a major blow.

Before I started digging into the vast world of wedding planning, I had no idea what a “groom’s cake” was.  For those of you who are going “Huh??” it’s basically a dessert to honor the groom, whether it’s a literal cake or not.  Less conspicuous ideas include a dish of his favorite candy or cookies.  Whatever the choice, it’s just a special touch meant to include the groom’s personal taste at the reception.  In my case, however, Tim likes to be very involved in the wedding planning, so his touches will be just as integrated as mine!  (But I don’t mind setting out his favorite sweets anyway.)

The vendors at the Richmond Bridal Showcase featured a fashion show, a free photo booth session, and door prizes.  I didn’t win any, but my friend from church did!  I kept my “bride to be” pin and I’m wearing it everywhere, and I’m currently sorting through the hundreds of information packets I received.  I will remember our fun day at the showcase for years to come!


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