My Wedding Dress Has Arrived!

Much to the FedEx man’s surprise, he was handing me a wedding gown ordered directly from China!  Yes, there is a fluffy, white dress in that tiny package.  I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah right… show me.”  Well, sorry but we’re traditionalists and aren’t letting the groom (who happens to be an administrator on this blog) see it until I walk down the aisle in it!

Having specific preferences about the sleeves and neckline, I had a hard time finding the perfect dress, both online and in stores.  Actually, “impossible” would be a more accurate expression than “a hard time.”  I had visited every modest bride website known to man, but none of them met the specifications.  I began dreading that I would be forced to buy this dress:

Horrors!  Don’t worry, I didn’t have to “settle” for anything!  I picked out an extremely beautiful dress, (which I will not show here because I want Tim to be surprised) Mom did some Photoshop magic to alter the neckline, we sent our request to the lovely seamstresses halfway across the globe, and the perfect wedding dress arrived right at my doorstep!

I call this picture “the blob” and I’m posting it just to prove that it really did fit in there!  I will definitely write another post specifically on how to order your dress directly from China, but just to hold you over I will say that it can be done!  It cost a fraction of the price of a designer dress; it came in a timely manner; it’s intricately detailed with lace and bead work you would expect on a dress from the bridal salon; all of our special requests were met; and it only needs minor alterations on the waist and sleeves.  Plus… I got to try it on before heading back to school!  If this experience was any more perfect, we’d all be growing halos and wings.

Trying on dresses in the stores was cool, but putting on MY wedding dress, hand sewn just for me, made me feel like I’m REALLY getting married!  More than ever, I can’t wait to wear it for the big day!


  1. I honestly cannot wait until your post on the “how to”!!!! Please post soon. =)

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