Always Wanted to Do That!

Every guy on GloryBound secretly wishes his fiance would magically appear in the GloryBound trailer at least once… and every girl who’s engaged to a GloryBound guy secretly wishes she could do it!  Well, I decided that I was finally going to do it… at the Sword of the Lord Conference in North Carolina.

My parents and sister parked inconspicuously afar off and videoed the whole thing.  After I had been locked in the trailer, one of our accomplices told Tim to go to the trailer to “count CD’s.”  What a surprise he got when he unlocked the door!  Poor Tim was barely able to regain his composure!  After my parents revealed themselves he took me inside to say hello to everyone else who was in on it, who greeted us with smiles and laughter.  Tim got the “night off” and sat beside me during the evening service.  You can still see the shock in his eyes in the picture above!

It was the biggest surprise of his life!  I thoroughly enjoyed making the night memorable for him, however I am keenly aware that he is going to get me back somehow! 🙂

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