• Photo Booth Pics & Video

    The "photo booth" was a success and loads of fun.  As Jessica put it, those who didn't participate haven't discovered their inner self! Hope no one minds me posting these, 'cause if they do I'm in big trouble! :) Click on image to enlarge … ... Read More

    Photo Booth Pics & Video
  • How to Make Wedding Ribbon Wands

    Hello, everyone!  Suzette asked me to post my recent video on how to make wedding ribbon wands.  We found the idea for ribbon wands while searching the internet for send off ideas, and thought they were such a pretty and fun project.  There are … ... Read More

    How to Make Wedding Ribbon Wands
  • Reception Pics

    Here are some reception picture collages! Click on each to enlarge.     … ... Read More

    Reception Pics
  • Our Engagement Party

    A week after I said yes, my mom and dad hosted an engagement party and invited many friends and family.  I saw people I haven't seen in years!  Tim got to meet my extended family, as well as old friends.  I enjoyed showing off my ring and answering … ... Read More

    Our Engagement Party
  • My Wedding Dress Has Arrived!

    Much to the FedEx man's surprise, he was handing me a wedding gown ordered directly from China!  Yes, there is a fluffy, white dress in that tiny package.  I know what you're thinking, "Yeah right... show me."  Well, sorry but we're traditionalists … ... Read More

    My Wedding Dress Has Arrived!
  • Always Wanted to Do That!

    Every guy on GloryBound secretly wishes his fiance would magically appear in the GloryBound trailer at least once... and every girl who's engaged to a GloryBound guy secretly wishes she could do it!  Well, I decided that I was finally going to do … ... Read More

    Always Wanted to Do That!
  • Rehearsal Pics

    Here are a few picture collages from the rehearsal dinner and rehearsal.  Click on each to enlarge:   … ... Read More

    Rehearsal Pics
  • Scrapbook-Inspired Guest Book

    You walk into the church.  The guest book attendant greets you.  You pick up the pen.  You write your family's name on the line.  You put the pen down.  The usher takes you to your seat.  Yawn. BORING!! My mom found a cute guest book idea in … ... Read More

    Scrapbook-Inspired Guest Book
  • Inspiration Board

    Here is a compilation of various inspiring pieces we're trying to incorporate into the wedding. It helps us to see what look we're going for and keeps us on track. … ... Read More

    Inspiration Board
  • Richmond Bridal Showcase

    So many vendors, so little time!  I put on the provided heart-shaped "bride to be" pin and started collecting business cards, cake samples, and information packets as Mom and I made our way through the Bridal Showcase in Richmond.  I had been to the … ... Read More

    Richmond Bridal Showcase
  • So Many Invitations!

    I know most engagements don't come with an instruction manual, but nobody warned me about the thousands of invitations I have to look through!  Mom assured me, however, that she had to do the same thing when she was planning her wedding.  And these … ... Read More

    So Many Invitations!
  • Just the Right Flowers

    It is rare to find my exact shade of blue in a Gerbera Daisy, so when I found a plethora of them at Garden Ridge in Chesterfield Town Center I had to snatch them up!  I want to use mostly silk flowers for our wedding, and buying them a year in … ... Read More

    Just the Right Flowers

Our Wedding


Steve, James and Kelly did a fantastic job on the photography.  There are just so many great … Read More...

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